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Database system

Databases are at the heart of everything we do - whether it be a database driven website, a mobile app that interfaces with a remote database or one on the mobile device, desktop software that interfaces to a database (remote, network or local machine) or an integrated system that has a database at it's heart that is connected to by desktop software, web sites, web services and systems or a mobile app.

We are experienced with all the major RDBMS SQL databases, including:

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL

We can advise on choice of database for a project, based on the technical requirements of the project and the features, capabilities and performance of the RDBMS database type.

We can also provide database design consultancy - helping you elucidate and optimise the database table structure that will most efficiently store and inter-relate your data.

Our customers range wide from small businesses that are wanting to make the transition from spreadsheets to a database through to large corporations that have existing sophisticated databases which they want to explore new ways to interface with or migrate or develop.

We are very experienced in building software applications that provide the user interface to a database. These software applications typically offer features such as:

  • Windows to control table contents
  • Data Processes
  • Reporting

We work mainly with the Rapid Application Development tool, Omnis, and have been working intensively with this tool since 1999.