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iB2B Systems have a flair for designing systems that take an idea or dream and turn it into a reality. Many initial meetings with customers start with a white board or blank sheet of paper and a basic description of the customer's idea. We then create a block diagram, laying out the various elements involved in the system and then work out the data flows between elements. We can then start designing and creating the elements, the interfaces, the details of the data flows.

It's a simple approach, but one that starts with the high level blocks of a concept that will involve upper management and works through to the details of a system which will involve more technical resources and relationships.

As well as consulting on systems and building custom systems for customers, iB2B has innovated a cutting edge approach to the integration of databases with desktop software, web and mobile interfaces at a very affordable cost. This technology has been available in it's various seperate elements for several years now, but it has previously been a very expensive proposition to attempt to integrate and share data between desktop, web and mobile applications. We are very excited about our developments and discoveries and have been building some systems of this nature for customers already. We very much look forward to where the future will take us with this technology fusion.

If your business has an ambition to build a system that involves desktop, web and mobile interfaces to data, then please get in touch and let us explain what we can create for you!

"The future is in the cloud!"