Developing systems & software for desktop, web and mobile since 1999.

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Web Development is a very broad category of development and iB2B Systems has extensive experience across the entire range. We can certainly build websites and are experts in Joomla Content Management System web sites. But we also take Web Development considerably further - through to the integrated web, mobile, desktop and cloud database systems we describe here.

Not so many years ago, the internet was largely a series of plain websites that were not database driven. Then came the subscription sites, the database driven sites, the content management system sites. This accounted for much of the public experience of the Internet.

Meanwhile, the requirements of business meant that the Internet was used to transmit data between points in many different ways, formats and via many quite different types of interface.

iB2B Systems developers were involved at every step of the way and are proud to be playing our part in the onward development of the web.

We make it our policy to only be involved in the development of positive and ethical projects, with neutrality as a minimum requirement. But we are particularly excited when asked to develop systems that do some good in the world. Such projects have included:

  • the first ever system in the UK to enable animal rescue organisations from around the country to put their animals in need of homes on a shared central database that the public can search through a website
  • an international money transfer system which enabled migrant workers to send money home to 3rd world countries
  • business management software for the domicillary care indsutry
  • online local newspaper system
  • educational software
  • online special education needs planning system
  • mobile apps for the grower industry
  • mobile app systems which reduce the use of pesticides

 We believe that the Internet can be a force for change and good and enjoy contributing to positive change through the systems we build and projects we get involved with.